SunSpot LED Landing Light 46-4522


The SunSpot 46-4522 LED Landing Light is a direct drop-in replacement for traditional aircraft lamps. The Sunspot 46 assembly has nine high-quality LEDs placed behind lenses. They require a fraction of the power as opposed to traditional incandescent airplane landing lights yet are not as affected by vibration. These attributes make them perfect for many applications, including for experimental aircraft. AeroLEDs’ SunSpot landing lights have a broad beam that illuminates the color of an object more effectively due to the blue-green color temperature versus "grayed" out images from the orange-red color temperature of an incandescent light. This LED landing light is exceptionally bright at 15,400 lumens, and 180,000 candelas. Mounted in the wingtips, leading-edge, cowling, or on the landing gear, this GE-4522 landing light replacement will last over 30,000 hours. If you have a PAR 46 ring mount, the SunSpot 46 series will fit.

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