AeroLEDs, LLC Announces Part 29 FAA-STC Approval in Partnership with Sterling Helicopter

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Boise, January 20, 2022 – AeroLEDs, LLC is pleased to announce FAA-STC approval for the SunSpot™ 36 and 46 Series LED Landing and Taxi lights on various Sikorsky Models, adding to their already expansive list of FAA certifications. This STC is available exclusively through Sterling Helicopter, enabling owners of rotorcraft covered under this STC to immediately upgrade to the highest performing LED technology on the market today.

            “These new LED lights far outperform what is currently offered on the Sikorsky S-76 series helicopters, increasing lamp life, night flight visibility and terrain awareness.” – Edward Allen, Director of Engineering, Sterling Helicopter.

            Many pilots worldwide have already benefited from this upgrade as AeroLEDs Landing, Taxi and Recognition lighting products are already FAA and EASA approved for thousands of applications. The SunSpot™ Series Landing and Taxi lights feature the same state-of-the art design and construction that has been the AeroLEDs hallmark for over 15 years— less drag, less draw, more lumens output (total light output) and are vibration and shock resistant making them unaffected by adverse environmental conditions. These attributes make the SunSpot ideal for use in Experimental, Certified, Commercial, ARFF, and Military aircraft.

            “When we last reviewed LEDs four years ago, we recommended the AeroLEDs Sunspot as the top pick and we’re repeating that advice.,” The Aviation Consumer, 2019. “Also worth considering are the LED models that include flashing wig-wag functions. Always-on lamps greatly enhance daytime conspicuity and wig-wags help further.”

            Sunspot Series LED Landing and Taxi lights can be seen from up to 30 miles away and can be left on in all phases of flight as they draw 40% less power, significantly reducing the electrical load on the aircraft battery and alternator/generator system. They also maintain their full light output even at low engine RPM, which is critical for landing configuration. These LEDs do not interfere with NVG equipment and are available with integrated pulse for optimum visibility during extreme operating conditions, negating the need and extra weight/cost of external pulse light boxes.


            This STC was driven by customer feedback and is part of AeroLEDs’ commitment to deliver the safest LED lighting solutions to pilots of every aircraft. STC# SR02727SE is in effect immediately and documentation can be downloaded HERE.

 Aircraft listed on this STC include but are not limited to the following: Sikorsky – S-76A, S-76B, S-76C, S-76D. All S-76 models produced to date are included.

            Since 1984, Sterling Helicopter has been providing their customers with quality service at their FAA approved Part 145 repair station which is capable and authorized to perform the highest quality professional helicopter services locally, nationally, and internationally.  Sterling Helicopter services Airbus, Bell, Sikorsky, Leonardo, and MD helicopters. Sterling Helicopter is committed to the safety of their customers and plans to add additional Rotorcraft Models to this STC in the very near future – next on the list is the Leonardo AW139.

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FAA Approves AeroLEDs for Part 27 Rotorcraft

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AeroLEDs, LLC is pleased to announce FAA approval for over 200 Part 27 makes and models, adding to their expansive list of FAA certifications. This STC covers the installation of the SunSpotTM 36 and 46 Series LEDs on nearly all “Normal” category rotorcraft.

AeroLEDs Landing, Taxi and Recognition lighting products offer numerous advantages over Halogen, Xenon, and other LED lighting technologies. AeroLEDs are 10x more efficient, draw far less current than incandescent lighting, and require no external hi-voltage power supply.

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FAA Encourages the use of Landing Lights for Increased Visibility

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Landing lights are not only useful for taxi, takeoffs, and landings, but also provide a means by which airplanes can be seen by other pilots. To enhance the “see and avoid” concept, the FAA encourages pilots to turn on their landing lights when operating within 10 miles of an airport and below 10,000 feet. This also applies when operating both at night AND during the day in conditions of reduced visibility. 

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Sunspot 4522

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Boise, Idaho – AeroLEDs is adding yet another exciting addition to their highly sought-after SunSpot Series LED Landing line.

Voted the Best LED Landing Light by Aviation Consumer, the SunSpotTM LED series consume less power than legacy incandescent bulbs, outperform competitive LED’s, and are vibration and shock resistant making them unaffected by adverse environmental conditions. Outputting a solid, evenly distributed light beam the SunSpotTM LED Series emit exceptional color rendering of an object due to the bright white color temperature, as opposed to “grayed” out images from the lower color temperature of legacy incandescent lamps.

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Made in the USA

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Reliability is the priority for any light, whether flying at 50 or 35,000 feet, hence the need for drastic changes in lighting technology since the dawn of aviation. Incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and xenon, have all been eclipsed by the performance and reliability gains of LED technology, which has become the new benchmark.

Therefore in 2005 in a small U.S. town, our team set out on a mission to redefine the standard for Aerospace lighting. We forged our own path with equal parts: Innovation and Perspiration, bridging the gap between functionality and performance – AeroLEDs™ was born.

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Now EASA Approved!

SunSpot 46 Landing Light

AeroLEDs SunSpot 36 & 46 Landing & Taxi lights


BOISE, Idaho, August 26, 2019 – AeroLEDs is proud to announce that the SunSpot 36 and 46 series of landing and taxi lights are EASA certified for part 23 aircraft listed on their AML-STC.

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PMA Certified SunSpot 4596 LED Landing Light & SunSpot 4587 LED Taxi Lights

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Significantly longer life! Good landing and taxi lights are important. Not only for the pilot to be seen, but also for your plane to be seen. Instead of the typical 50 hours of use, these LED lights last beyond 30,000 hours, basically making it a lifetime lamp. You can then leave it on for daytime flights, for greater safety.

New PMA Certified:

  • SunSpot 4596 LED Landing Lights
  • SunSpot 4587 LED Taxi Lights
  • Replaces the 250 Watt GE4596 and GE4587
  • Drop in-Replacement
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