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AeroLEDs Aircraft Lights

About AeroLEDs: our company was founded out of necessity to fill a void of high-output/low-power applications for the Experimental/Special Use aircraft with limited electrical system capabilities. With conventional lighting (or ‘legacy systems’), the light output varies with the input voltage, which decreases dramatically at low engine power settings, thus making the landing lights too dim during the final segments of the landing procedure. LEDs allow consistent light output at various voltage levels. Which initiated the discussions about using LED technology to create aircraft LED landing lights, aircraft LED strobe lights, and LED position lights to significantly reduce: current draw and maintenance by eliminating bulb replacements. By using the combined experience of aerospace industry knowledge and expertise, AeroLEDs’ path was forged.

AeroLEDs Strobe LEDs

The first product released by AeroLEDs was the AeroSun 800, which found immediate success and acceptance within the Experimental aircraft arena. The circuitry designed into the 800 included lightning and surge protection, multi-voltage range, over-temperature protection. A built-in controller allowed the light to function as a recognition light and to synchronize with other AeroLEDs lights creating an alternating “wig-wag” pattern for enhanced anti-collision visibility. The architecture laid the foundation for future products such as the AeroSun 1600 (introduced at AirVenture 2007) and eventually matured into a product line that exceeds over 20 different landing/taxi/recognition lights.

AeroLEDs Navigation Lights

Capitalizing on the immediate success of the first-generation of Landing/Taxi lights, AeroLEDs forged forward into developing a unique and forward-thinking combination NAV/ACS/POS Navigational Light for the Experimental market called the Pulsar ExP. In contrast to the current market trend of adapting prior incandescent designs around the LED technology, AeroLEDs carved the Pulsar ExP from a “clean-sheet.” The intent being the first navigational light designed around the LED technology, which combined forward red/green position, white anti-collision LED strobe, and white rear position in a wing-mounted light assembly. The Pulsar ExP provides a 100% LED solution in an industry-standard footprint with an aerodynamically low drag profile, industry-standard mounting screw pattern via a patented mounting bracket, and with no external power supply required. It features a built-in synchronization controller to allow multiple strobes to flash in unison, and internal reflectors and optics to direct the LED light into the proper directions required for aircraft position and anti-collision lights.

AeroLEDs Certified Aircraft Lights

Following the success of the Pulsar ExP, AeroLEDs designed the SunTail, Pulsar NS series, and Pulsar. These are the cornerstone of an all-LED NAV/ACS/POS family of lights to fully comply with the TSO requirements of 400 effective candle power Class II anti-collision lights. The SunTail is designed to directly replace the industry-standard Grimes position light mount and is compact enough to fit inside a small internal structure like a Super Cub rudder. The Pulsar NS series matches the footprint of the short-body of legacy designs but adds the benefit of utilizing an industry-first rear-facing POS light (Pulsar NSP). The Pulsar is the large-body cousin of the NS-series and completes the full suite offering to service the industry with fresh, innovative designs.

Innovation and engineering are the cornerstone components of AeroLEDs. Our mission statement challenges the conventional approach to solving problems by always asking, “what’s next?”

“AeroLEDs was formed in 2005 with the intent to redefine aviation lighting as it existed for the last 50 years. With great attention to engineering function balanced with due consideration to product form, we have redefined the expectations of what and how aircraft lighting will be judged.”
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