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Sunspot Series

Voted Best Aircraft LED Landing Light by Aviation Consumer, Sunspot Series LED landing and taxi lights are available as drop-in replacements for PAR36, PAR46, PAR56, and PAR64 configurations. Most lights in the SunSpot Series are FAA-PMA/STC approved.

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AeroSun Series

Serving as the launch product for AeroLEDs in 2006, the AeroSun Series product line has expanded to include an array products, both certified and experimental which are widely used in various custom applications.

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The Sunbeam LED aircraft landing light is manufactured under FAA-PMA standards to fit a variety of experimental aircraft and LSAs. Aircrafts that use this landing light include: Diamond DA-40, the Cessna Columbia, the Liberty XL, some Cirrus models, and some Grumman models.

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MicroSun LED Taxi and Aircraft Recognition lighting is very versatile, with the ability to be mounted almost anywhere on an aircraft. Their compact profile makes them the perfect option for lighter-weight Experimental or Kit planes.

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SunRay EVO III is not only a powerful, compact experimental landing light; this versatile LED has a built-in pulse (wigwag). Measuring in at less than 3" square, the versatility in placement on the aircraft is virtually endless. SunRay EVO III is commonly used as a wing-mounted landing light and is small enough to fit in the wingtip cutout found in Van's RV kits.

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