SunSpot 36 series lights voted
Best LED Landing Light

Awarded the second consecutive time by Aviation Consumer

SunSpot 36 LX Series
Landing Lights

Best Landing Light, Aero LED LED Landing Light for Aircraft

If you want the highest performing LED lighting on your aircraft, look no further than AeroLEDs SunSpot Series landing and taxi lights.

SunSpot 36-4596
or 36-4313
Landing Lights

Best LED Landing Light, Aero Light

Award Winning LED Landing

Four Years ago Aviation Consumer picked the AeroLEDs SunSpot as their top pick for LED Landing Lights

2019 AeroLEDs Wins Again

This year another test was conducted on LED landing lights. SunSpot 36 Series Wins Again.

SunSpot 36 Series

The review identified the SunSpot 36 as a . . . “high value combination of price and performance.”

Review the Results

Want to see more? Watch the complete review video or read the article, or better yet, find a reseller.

The Study

Aviation Consumer reviewed LED Landing Lights, testing them for light performance at intervals of 50’, 100’ 200’ and 300’. In addition to having the best performance in light output, the crisp white color of AeroLEDs lights was noted, as opposed to the yellow cast of most lights. It was mentioned that this would be a real plus when trying to find the yellow taxiway centerlines. The article goes on to state, “As aviation gadgets go, LEDs are only expensive when compared to old-school incandescents. .. there’s value in the performance of seeing better for landing and taxiing and improved conspicuity by turning the light on and leaving it on. There’s every indication that LEDs are essentially lifetime bulbs and will always be available when you need them some dark and stormy night.”



SunSpot Features

SunSpot LX series is designed as a LED drop in replacement for the existing GE4509 PAR 36 aircraft lights, the SunSpot 36-4596 and SunSpot 36-4596H replaces the GE 4596; the SunSpot 4313 is a drop-in replacement for the 250Watt GE4313 incandescent landing light. All are available in a landing or taxi light.
AeroLED’s SunSpot 36 LED landing and Taxi lights consume less power, output more lumens (total light output) and are not affected by vibration compared to incandescent bulbs. AeroLEDs offers several PAR 36 LED Landing and Taxi Light drop in replacement options that are FAA/PMA/STC certified. The SunSpot series outputs a wider light beam that illuminates the color of an object due to the blue-green color temperature of a LED as opposed to the “grayed” out images from the orange- red color temperature of an incandescent lamp.

    SunSpot has the same great design features as their other aircraft light designs:

  • 12V and 24V system compatibility
  • Over-temp Sense Protection
  • Low-voltage Sense (shuts down half the LED’s in emergency, low voltage conditions)

Find the full SunSpot 36 series here.

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