sunspot 46 equinox

Dual-Function LED Landing and Taxi Light

The industry’s first DUAL-FUNCTION Landing and Taxi light – SunSpot Equinox provides a tailored lighting experience when operating both at night, during the day, and in conditions of reduced visibility. The perfect solution for single light applications or a multi-light installation where additional light is desired, SunSpot Equinox outputs a wider beam at a color temperature that illuminates the true color of an object. In landing mode, it projects a bright white 20° x 20° beam for high-speed take-offs and landings to improve visibility on the ground and recognition in the air. While in taxi mode it produces a wider 20° x 45° beam spread for unmatched illumination of the runway/taxiway without impairing the vision of other pilots. All SunSpot Series LED aircraft lights consume less power, produce more lumens (total light output), and are not affected by vibrations compared to incandescent bulbs. These attributes make Equinox ideal for most aircraft. SunSpot 46 Equinox replacement LEDs utilize the existing PAR46 mount and electrical connections, with only a Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) Switch needed for dual modes.

Equinox comes standard with AeroLEDs’ signature Pulse (wig-wag) functionality. The Pulse controller is fully integrated into the light and requires no external circuitry. This feature significantly increases recognition in daylight as well as night operations, aiding in collision avoidance and reduced bird strikes. In dual or quad light installations, while operating in wig-wag mode, this self-contained pulse function reduces load on the aircraft electrical system by 50%.

  • Power consumption: 145/175 watts max
  • Color – aviation white for exceptional color rendering
  • Built-in pulse mode for wig-wag
  • Optional synchronization 
  • Standard PAR 46 Mount
  • 30k hr. MTBF
  • Built-in thermal protection
  • Aluminum/black powder coated heat sink
  • UV hardcoated polycarbonate lens
  • Approvals: FAA-PMA/STC

sunspot 46 equinox Technical Specifications

Part Number01-2230-LT-1201-2230-LT-24 - COMING SOON!
Power145w Landing / 135w Taxi175w
Candela230,000 Landing / 50,000 Taxi
Beam Profile20° x 20° Landing / 20° x 50° Taxi20° x 20° Landing / 20° x 50° Taxi
Weight22 oz22 oz

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