AeroSun VX

Van's RV Wingtip Lights

AeroSun VX, landing light

AeroSun™ VX Landing and Taxi Light is designed specifically for Vans RV wingtips. In addition to its standard operation as a landing/taxi light, the AeroSun™ VX features integrated Pulse or “WigWag” significantly increasing recognition in broad daylight as well as night operations to help avoid midair collisions and bird strikes while drawing half the current. Ideal for installations in aluminum aircraft/composite aircraft, where some airflow within the wing cutout exists.

  • Power consumption: 60 watts per light max
  • Higher color temperature – White
  • Built-in pulse mode

AeroSun VX Technical Specifications

AeroSun VX (Pair)AeroSun VX (Left)AeroSun VX (Right)
Part Number01-250001-2500-L01-2500-R
Power60 Watts per light, 120 Watts combined (per pair)60 Watts per light60 Watts per light
Lumens13,300 (per pair)13,300 (per pair)13,300 (per pair)
Candela120,000 (per pair)120,000 (per pair)120,000 (per pair)
Beam Profile20 x 2020 x 2020 x 20
Width5.7" 5.7" 5.7"
Weight31 oz (per pair)31 oz (per pair)31 oz (per pair)


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