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Highest performance in the industry: Our Landing, Taxi and Recognition lighting will truly transform your nighttime flying experience and provide unmatched daytime recognition for added safety.


Landing | Taxi | Recognition

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Our streamlined designs have some of the industry’s smallest foot-prints and create an aerodynamic profile that produces less drag with higher performance than traditional Xenon strobes and other competing LEDs.


Wingtip | Tail Lights

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Our Beacon Lights output significantly more light and draw less power than standard beacons. They require zero maintenance and have an extremely low profile for reduced drag.


Beacon Lights

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Our LED Ice Light provides optimum illumination of your wing to check for the formation of ice. It outputs a substantially wider beam spread and lasts significantly longer than incandescent bulbs.


Ice Lights

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AeroLEDs™ is an industry pioneer and leader of LED-based aerospace lighting. Designed and manufactured in Boise, ID. (USA), AeroLEDs state-of-the-art LED aircraft lighting solutions are designed with the focus on performance, efficiency, and reliability. Tested for some of the most extreme operating conditions on the planet and far-exceeding the performance and longevity of legacy lighting systems. Ideal for use in Experimental, Certified, Commercial, Rotorcraft, ARFF, UAV/UAS, Space and Military applications – AeroLEDs serves every spectrum of the worldwide aviation market.

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Our aircraft lights are designed by pilots for pilots. AeroLEDs engineers promote innovation and design integrity to bring aviation lighting from a forgotten necessity to a desired accessory. AeroLEDs are certified for installation on nearly every Part 23 make and model ever produced. We can equip your aircraft with the highest quality lights that are measured by performance, not cost. From nose to tail we offer a vast array of certified LED landing and nav light replacements to bring your aircraft to life and keep you flying safer.

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As a pioneer in LED lighting for aviation, AeroLEDs understands the needs of the BizJet and Commercial Aviation markets around the globe. When a quick ROI is of upmost importance look no further than AeroLEDs. Tested to the strictest DO-160 standards and FAA-PMA Part 25 Certified, AeroLEDs landing and taxi lights are designed to handle the demand of frequent take-off and landings keeping your aircraft in the air and not in maintenance. We offer drop-in solutions to line fit lighting equipment and customized solutions that are tailored for your Commercial aircraft or fleet.

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AeroLEDs is certified to equip rotorcraft from virtually every major manufacturer to help you save more lives, complete more missions, and get more done. Our integrated pulse feature provides optimum air to air and air to ground visibility during extreme operating conditions and negates the need and extra weight of external pulse light boxes. Our lights are NVG friendly and offer improved visibility and reliability when you need it most.

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We have homebuilders and light sport pilots on the AeroLEDs team, so we know first-hand the decisions you face when selecting lights for your aircraft. AeroLEDs partners with numerous Experimental Aircraft Manufacturers to provide you with a hassle-free lighting solution and industry leading performance to set your aircraft up the way you want it.


Innovation and engineering are the cornerstone components of AeroLEDs. We design, develop, and manufacture external aircraft lighting solutions for over a dozen tactical military platforms utilizing our products in both overt and covert operations. Our state-of-the art LED lighting products are designed to support your mission and keep our pilots safer.


When size and power consumption is the driving force for your needs, we have you covered. Our engineering department has developed some of the most compact lighting solutions in the industry. Without sacrificing performance, we keep your UAV/UAS aerodynamic and in the air longer.

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