SunSpot 36HX LED Taxi Light with Pulse


SunSpot LED Taxi Light is designed as a LED drop-in replacement for your existing GE PAR36 aircraft lights. It comes with an integrated wigwag feature built into the light that is recommended to be used throughout your flight to increase recognition from other pilots. SunSpot HX taxi light projects 15,000 candela and 4950 lumens. Includes integrated wigwag feature (stand-alone or synchronous with any of our other products) and mounts with existing ring clamp.

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What are the installation requirements for the Sunspot 36?

The Sunspot 36LX landing and taxi lights can be installed with just a log book entry if you can install the light in an existing mount and use the existing wires, switches, and circuit breakers. The Sunspot 36HX landing and taxi lights can be installed with the pulse function enabled in models listed on the AML under STC, or in other aircraft models with a 337 that uses the STC as a basis for approval.

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