SunSpot 36-4587 HX Taxi Light with Pulse 28V


The SunSpot 36-4596 LED Taxi Light with Pulse has a built-in pulse feature that significantly increases recognition in daylight as well as night to help avoid midair collisions. It is easy to use and install, and simply requires a synch circuit to sync the pulse feature. The SunSpot also uses half the power compared to traditional halogen lights. AeroLEDs suggests that the pilot switch to pulse or wigwag after takeoff and remain in this mode throughout flight. The SunSpot series lights are mounted in the wingtips, cowling, or landing gear. If you have a PAR 36 ring mount, the SunSpot 36 series fits your aircraft! This light is FAA, STC, and PMA certified.This is a potent light source at 11,000 lumens and 50,000 candela!

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