SunSpot 36-4314 LED Airplane Taxi Lights


Taxi lights are typically turned on whenever the aircraft is in motion: on the ground for greater visibility, during taxi, takeoff, and landing. AeroLEDs LED Airplane Taxi Lights are just the thing to get the job done at 11,000 lumens and 50,000 candela. Further, SunSpot 36 LED Airplane Taxi Lights and Landing Lights are not affected by vibration, and they output more lumens than halogen lights! This light is ideal for many applications: experimental planes, business, certified, and commercial jets. AeroLEDs offers several PAR 36 LED Taxi and Landing Lights, and drop-in replacement options. The SunSpot series outputs a larger beam that illuminates the color of an object far more due to its blue-green color temperature as opposed to the “grayed” out images from the orange-red color temperature of halogen lights. This aviation light is rated for 30,000 continuous hours of operation. FAA, STC, and PMA certified with a 5-year warranty.

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