SunRay Plus Experimental LED Landing Light


The SunRay is not only a high-powered, compact experimental landing light; this wing-mounted LED has a built-in wigwag mode. The SunRay is a potent light source that uses only 7 Watts of power. One high power LED is mounted behind a lens to produce 770 Lumens. This little light only measures 2.65” square, by 1.61,” giving it a lot of versatility in placement on the plane. Each SunRay light uses less than 1/2 the power of an equivalent 55W halogen light while producing more light in a more narrow beam. The LED recognition light has a rated life of 50,000 hours. You will never have to replace this light once installed! The SunRay is protected against overheating with a built-in protection circuit. The SunRay Plus is commonly used with wing-mounted landing lights and are available for most airplane types. This light is small enough to fit in the wingtip cutout found in Van's RV kits.

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