AeroSun Experimental LED Landing Light


AeroSun™ is a wing-mounted LED landing light with a built-in wigwag mode in addition to its standard operation as a landing/taxi light. The AeroSun is an intense light source that uses 12 high power LEDs to produce up to 3900+ lumens of light using just 36 Watts of power! The product is ideal for installations in aluminum aircraft/composite aircraft, where some airflow within the wing cutout exists. The LED aircraft light last up to 30,000 hours of constant operation, so this light may never need replacement! The AeroSun™ is protected against overheating and lightning transients with a built-in protection circuit. Perfect for your experiment airplane!

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What is the difference between the Pulsar NS and the Pulsar NSP?

The Pulsar NS has a forward red or green navigation light, and a strobe that covers 180 degrees from each wing tip. The Pulsar NSP has a forward red or green navigation light, a strobe that covers 180 degrees from each wing tip, and a rear white position light.

What are the installation requirements for the Sunspot 36?

The Sunspot 36LX landing and taxi lights can be installed with just a log book entry if you can install the light in an existing mount and use the existing wires, switches, and circuit breakers. The Sunspot 36HX landing and taxi lights can be installed with the pulse function enabled in a Cessna 185 under STC, or in other aircraft models with a 337 that uses the Cessna 185 STC as a basis for approval.

What are the installation requirement for the TSO Lights?

If the lights are mounted to an existing mounting location with no structural modifications, and existing wiring can be re-used, the lights can be installed with a log book entry. If there are modifications to the wiring, a 337 should be submitted for approval for the installation. If there are structural modifications made to mount the lights, a more extensive approval may be required, ranging from a 337 to an STC.

What are the recommended wire for the Pulsar and Suntail lights?

We recommend 3 conductor 20 gauge shielded single bundle wire, which we have available in our accessories area.

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