Steve Henry

An image of Steve Henry STOL

Steve Henry is one of the early backcountry flying content creators on YouTube, whose “Dead Stick Takeoff” video launched him into the spotlight as an adventure pilot more than a decade ago. He flew two miles and 1500 feet down to a riverbed with no engine running.

Since then Steve, has been consistently winning STOL competitions as well as STOL drags in his heavily modified Just Aircraft Highlander. Steve’s Yee Haw No. 44 is a the top contender in both short takeoff and landing contests, and STOL Drag races across the country.

When he’s not busy building his newest and baddest Yee Haw mod or taking part in extreme flying adventures, Steve and his wife Cathy of Nampa, Idaho are dealers for the Just Aircraft Highlander and SuperSTOL.

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