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Lumens vs. Candela: Understanding the Difference

“It’s a simple relationship. Lumens are the total amount of light output, and candela is the concentration of projected light within a given volume. Adding more lumens increases the total amount of light, but the candela remains constant. As the area of light distribution decreases, candela increases. High candela alone does not make a good landing light, just a good marketing number. A 0.5 milliwatt pocket laser pointer is around 2 million candelas compared to a bare 100W incandescent bulb, which is 300 candela. Both lumens and candela are equally important. A good landing light needs enough lumens for the pilot to have a peripheral vision of the runway and enough candela to see far down the runway. AeroLEDs lights provide an optimum balance between lumens and candela.”

Nate Calvin, CEO, AeroLEDs

Nate Calvin, CEO, AeroLEDs

AeroLEDs Aircraft Lighting

Less Drag | Less Draw

AeroLEDs™ landing and navigational lighting products are designed for some of the most extreme operating conditions on the planet.

With the focus on efficiency, reliability, and natural lighting, the company has introduced revolutionary landing and navigational lighting products that produce far better results than traditional lighting systems.

Driven by the desire to reach new heights in performance and function AeroLEDs set out in 2005 to redefine the expectations of aviation lighting. For 75 years, pilots and aircraft manufacturers have had few lighting options with limited capabilities—until now!

AeroLEDs created the first LED-based aircraft lights, forever changing the aerospace lighting market and raising the standard for performance and quality.

AeroLEDs strives to bring lighting to the forefront of avionics technology, moving this important safety requirement from a forgotten necessity to a desired accessory. AeroLEDs’ engineers focus on taking full advantage of LED capabilities, to provide the highest quality lights that are measured by performance, not cost.


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