Sunspot 46 Update

The Sunspot 46LX is a PMA’d drop in replacement for a legacy PAR46 bulb such as the 250 Watt 28VDC GE4553.   It produces more lumens than a GE4553, has a peak candela that exceeds 120,000 candela, and consumes less than 70 Watts.   The screw terminals on the back of the light accept #6 size ring terminals and are not polarized, so the light can easily be installed in place of an existing incandescent bulb.

The Sunspot 46HX is also PMA certified and has the same characteristics as the Sunspot46LX, but adds three wires and an internal pulse controller that allows the light to pulse when power is applied to the yellow wire (ground is provided by the grounded screw terminal).   The green and blue wires are used for synchronizing with another light for wig-wag operation.   The green wire from one light is connected to the blue wire on a second light for master/slave wig-wag operation.   The synch wires can be daisy-chained in a green to blue, green to blue sequence if desired.   The pulse function operates at a 1Hz rate (0.5 seconds on, 0.5 seconds off).

The datasheets are available on the AeroLEDs website.   Please contact for pricing and availability.