Chris B, a Diamond DA-40 owner, installed a set of Pulsar NSPs:

I’m Marv Wessel, a gyroplane pilot based in Chandler AZ. I was flying my Sportcopter II gyroplane for the first time in Class D

The Sunlites fit perfectly in my clear wingtips on my Model 4 Kitfox. I love the wig-wag feature. They are brighter than the old

I have been evaluating whether to use LEDs or traditional position/strobe lights on my RV-10. At first I thought the cost

I just landed after a night flight that included 4 landings at small, poorly lit runways. I found the Sunspot to be at least as

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated in any way whatsoever with AERO LEDS. This post is about my experience with one of

The SunTail I ordered from AeroLEDs a couple of weeks ago arrived today. It’s a very attractive unit, I must say! I like the

Comparison of LED strobe / rear position lights

I have been using The Aeroflash Nav/Strobe system on my 601 HDS for a little over four years. The control boxes are mounted

“I received my AeorSUNs from ACS a few days ago. I can tell you first hand now that these suckers are BRIGHT!!!! I put one on

“I accomplished a “test fit” of my AeroSUN 1600 with my Duckworks landing light kit.

“I have flown in dark twilight several times. The AeroSUNLites are great. Also, I fly in busy airspace and keep the wigwags on most of the